Our company is dedicated to our community

As a team with more than 30 years of combined experience in bulk junk removal, we’ve had the privilege of improving the lives of people in our community, and we’re on a mission to continue to do what we love on a larger and larger scale. We have the unique opportunity to not only take burdensome junk off the backs of businesses and families, but to also make sure that junk gets disposed of properly. We’re a green company through and through, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the relieved smiles on our clients’ faces as we carry junk away to be recycled and/or disposed of properly.

Trustworthy, honest, and affordable

While we’re passionate about empowering people to travel light through life, we’re not satisfied with just making a positive impact there. We’re in a unique position to offer life-changing opportunities to members of our community too, and we’ll never let that go to waste. We proactively contribute to organizations who help the homeless find jobs and empower addicts to recover. When we can, we’re proud to give job opportunities to hard-working people who simply need a hand-up. That means that when you choose Junk Masters, your dollars get empowered to reach much further than our operation. You will actually contribute to your community while enjoying clearer spaces and freedom from clutter.

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At Junk Masters, we’re one of the special organizations who believe that win-win situations are completely possible if you have a generous heart and the creative smarts to make great things happen. Whether our smiling team is being introduced to you just before removing junk or we’re donating to help the disadvantaged, we make everything about improving the lives of those around us. Let us take your junk away today!